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Fender Bassman ’59 Great for Sixties Rock n Roll.

For sale is a Fender Bassman ’59 hand wired, handmade point-to-point clone. It has a 5F6-A circuit which is the same circuit as the original 1959 Bassman was based. This amp takes pedals very well so is good for all styles of music form 60’s rock n roll to modern rock. I have used it for gigs in pubs, clubs, weddings and private parties in Lymington, Southampton, Salisbury, Bournemouth and Wichester.
Built by a custom amp builder in Windsor, It has a genuine tweed covered pine cab (totally solid, no rattles, excellent quality), 4×10″ Jensen C10 speakers, original Fender faceplate and handle. It is in perfect working order. There is no hum, hiss, background noise, rattles or anything undesirable. This is the most responsive amp I have ever played (no kidding!) extremely touch sensitive and dripping with tone – you will not be disappointed. I’m not sure of all the specs and tolerances of some the resistors and caps, etc as I’m no technical expert. The wiring and the board is all very clean, tidy and professionally done. I can tell you there are a pair of NOS JAN Phillips 6L6’s in there.
It’s biased medium/warm so you can get to the sweet spot at giggable levels. If you have a humbucker equipped guitar or high output pickups and plug in the “Hi Input” channel you can get some very responsive smooth break-up.
If you plug your guitar in the “Lo Input” channel with vintage spec low output Strat pickups you can get lovely cleans.
A very user-friendly live amp in that has been set-up to push the tubes so you can really achieve smooth breakup on top of the chimey cleans. It has the normal controls as you’d expect, a Hi and Lo for each Normal and Bright channels, Bright vol, Normal Vol, Treble, Bass, Middle and Presence controls and of course a Standby and Power switch.

There are a few scuffs and marks to the tweed but still in very good condition, it also comes with a Fender cover. The amp being point-to-point will ensure that this will outlive any modern day PCB reissue.

Tube compliment 5AR4/GZ34 tube rectifier, 2 x 6L6’s, 2 x 12AX7’s and finally a 12AY7 in v1. I know the power tubes are JAN Phillips but not sure on the other ones. The tube rectifier and 12AX7s definitely help with introducing natural breakup without having to be ear bleeding loud! You can also hear that classic Bassman “swirl”.
The tone is very warm with lots of body. Very strong mids which an LP. You can of course scoop the mids and turn the Bass, Treble and Presence up. I think it sounds beautiful for anyone who appreciates that vintage Fender tweed sound. I can’t see anyone not liking it.

This is a bargain at £625, just try finding another hand wired Bassman at this price.