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Sixties Bands at The Concorde

Hi John.

Thank you so much for the email.
I must say that I thought the Concorde night was great, and certainly one of the best that David St.John has put on there.

Best music of the evening was your band, without a doubt, and a superb performance from your female vocalist. She has a lot of stage presence, as if she’s been doing this for years, when I know she hasn’t.

I will certainly get a link for the band onto my Fleur De Lys website, John, with pleasure.

I noticed that you were playing last Friday at Hythe Social Club, so hope that went well. I could see that club from my bedroom window before I left home for London with the Fleurs when I was 18, a long time ago, as I’m now 66!

I so look forward to seeing you guys again.


Fleur De Lys